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Properties: Konjac powder is a dietary fiber.One particle of it consists of extremely long tread-like macro molecules tangled together. It can absorb up to 100- 200 times its weight in water. It has the highest molecular weight and viscosity among any dietary   fiber known to science and has extremely high density. Konjac powder has some fishy odor and offwhite.Our Glucomannan products   has not any fishy odor of Konjac. It's colour is specially white.

1.Highly soluble in cold and hot water and forms a viscous sol in 10-20 minutes.

2.Gels with mild alkali, with kappa carrageenan,with xanthan gum.

3.Stable at low PH.

4. Synergism with kappa carrageenan,xanthan gum and LBG.

5.Interaction with starch.............กก



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