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Origin:  Konjac is derived from the tuber of a plant that belongs to the family of the Araceae(Amorphophallus Blume) and originally from southeast Asia and Africa. It has 130 kinds in the world. 26 kinds of konjac in China, 14 kinds of Konjac grow in China only. Many Chinese doctors accepted that was originally from India and Srilanka. It was transported to Japan through Korea about 539-571.   In China, uses of Konjac as food and medicine have been of such long time as over than 2000 years. And uses as food in Japan more than 1500 years. It was called JU RO or MO YU by the Chinese people and called KONNYAKU by the Japanese.

Konjac  grow in mountain or hilly areas in subtropical regions at yearly average temperature of +16C' and at height of 800-2500 m above sea level.  They are located mainly in the northwest and southwest of China. Sometimes, we can find some wild growing in the Qinling mountain area. At present, Konjac planting has formed in the area.

We handled this goods for exporting since 1996. At that time, we exported maily Konjac chips and Konjac flour to Taiwan and Japan. Nowadays, We have formed own konjac farm and konjac gum plant. We can supply Konjac chips, Konjac flour and glucomannan for exporting. We can produce a new type according as request too.

14 kinds of konjac in China

China Only Ordinary
A.albus, A.rivieri, A.bannaensis, A.coaetaneus,

A.gigantiflorus, A.henryi,A.hirtus, A.mekongensis,

A.mellii, A.microappendiculatus, A.niimurai,

A.sinensis, A.stipitatus, A.ximengensis,


A.bankokensis, A.bulbifer, A.campanulatus,

A.dunnii, A.rivieri, A.mairei,

A.naus, A.oncophyllus, A.pingbianensis,

A.virosus, A.yunnanensis




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