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Konjac food:Glucomannan is affirmed as GRAS for use as food ingredient since 1997. It has been used in Asia for centuries as triditional foods especially in China and Japan, such as:

Gelly:                    gel strength,texture improvement.

Bakery products: dietary fiber supplement, improvement in sponges,prolongs the freshness.

Confectionary:     viscosity,texture improve,moisture enhancer, gloss.

Meat products:    bulking,fat replacer,moisture enhancer,sticky texture.

Pasta:                  water holding capacity, texture improvement.

Pudding:              thickening,mouthfeel.

Ice cream:         adds viscosity,emulsion stability.

Yogurt:               fruit suspension,viscosity,gelation.

Beverages:         fiber content,mouthfeel.

Edible films:       both water- soluble and  insoluble film to water available.





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